springfield xds 9mm

Messing around with the Springfield XDS. Living in the 'Land of the Lost' firearms wise, some of us a couple (or few) years behind the curve. This is my 1st opportunity to give it a good look. Please excuse the long pauses, stuttering, me scratching myself, re-loading or picking up brass. My editing software isn't co-operating.

Meprolight FT Bullseye

The replacements for my busted FT's came in yesterday. I installed them and hit the range to give them a try. 

Sticky Holster stays put

quick video showing Sticky Holster not being easily removed 

Sticky Holster trigger access

Trying to answer the question: can you pull the trigger through the material on  a Sticky Holster

Urban Carry Demo

Brief Demonstration of the Urban Carry G2 holster. Make your own decision. 

Firestar 9mm

messing around at the range with my fiance's Firestar 9mm